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Picked Up trim.EEBE4184-86D4-441D-81A1-1F6D20C541AD.MOV Art play

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PORN: I couldn’t see what the others were doing, being trapped between Wendy’s legs but I could hear words of encouragement, after about five minutes I felt my smock being pushed up, then a pair of hands came around Wendy, she put up a little resistance in being removed from my mouth, but seconds later she was sat on my lap with my cock deep in her pussy, she looked me in the eye and I saw a tear run down her cheek, “Are you alright” I asked, she dropped her head on my shoulder and said she was Stockings Ten year later and I’m baby sitting Diane, and Chloe, my grand daughters, they are tom boys, thinking nothing of running around kicking a foot ball or climbing trees, dolls are for sissy’s they say, they had been over the fields playing and came home covered in mud, thinking nothing more other than washing them I took them up to the bathroom and ran the bath for them, they stripped off and climbed in, standing up Chloe said “Come on granddad, wash me” as I was Diane had a wicked look on her face and she splashed me, I told her off but she did it again and again, I was soaking wet, “Look at me you’ve soaked my clothes” “Well take them off granddad” I didn’t answer and continued to wash Chloe, again Diane splashed me then Chloe joined in, they were laughing and giggling and Diane said again “Take your wet clothes off granddad” not giving it any more thought I removed my clothes, moving one each end of the bath they said “Come on Granddad, get in” I climbed in and they hugged me, they stood and I washed them both, “Your turn granddad, stand up so we can wash you” “No I’m ok” with a stern voice Diane said “Stand up granddad, we want to wash you” I stood and they looked right at my semi hard cock, they giggled and soaped up their hands, they started on my legs then stood to wash my chest and back, then looking into my eyes I felt a hand on my cock, I moved it away, “No you don’t” I was still holding this hand when another touched my cock, I looked down, Chloe was the culprit, I took her hand, “No” they now had a free hand while I didn’t and together they took hold of my cock, “Were only going to wash you granddad” then they started soaping me up, ok they were washing me, but also jacking me off, relenting I stood there as they played with my cock, as it grew they gasped and giggled, having such little hands they couldn’t reach all around me but working together they had this covered, it wasn’t long before I had that feeling, “Girls I’m going to cum in a bit” “What’s that granddad” “Keep up doing what you are and you’ll find out” minutes later my cock swelled and erupted. Don’t tell me to go for it, I want to respect my daughters wish’s, and let their daughters have a childhood, but they are maturing faster than their mothers, so their knowledge is greater than when my girls were their age

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